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Do you want to reward loyal customers or customer groups with discounts on specific products or a list of products? Tired of endlessly generating coupon codes, sending them to your loyal customers individually? Try our Custom Price Per Customer extension! With this easy to use extension, you can create price rules. With these price rules, you can apply a discount (or increase the price) based on product selection, product attributes, customer selection or customer groups in a percentage or amount. After creation and once enabled, these custom prices get rendered on the front-end for the users that these rules apply to. Oh, and it's also implemented when you create orders from your Magento 2 admin panel!


This extension is sold with the CompactCode EULA licence.

Magento® versions
2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Customer selection
Product selection
Custom Price Per Customer


Effortlessly increase customer satisfaction with targeted price rules

Apply prices to customers or customer groups

You can assign your price rules in two ways: by manually selecting your customers from a list or by using customer groups.

Manual product selection or by using conditions

To select the products a certain rule type applies to, you can manually select products or use conditions. In these conditions, you tell the CPPC extension what rules must be true in order for a product to qualify for the list.

Several ways to calculate prices

There are a number of ways to calculate the discount your users get on each price rule. You can add a fixed discount, a discount percentage or just set the exact price. You can also select wheter this price rule decreases or increases the price.

Price rules are applied to orders in the admin panel

Your price rules do not only get rendered on the front-end. When you manually create an order in the Magento 2 admin panel, your price rules also get applied!

Manually select products or use conditions

Manually select customers or customer groups

Easy price rule management

Decrease or increase the custom price

Show customers their personal discount

Save time and money by creating price rules



Click the license you just purchased in the left bar under "Unassigned" to assign the license and click "Add License(s)".


After doing this, click the "Add License" button on your website to enable the licence.


On the "Licenses" page, enter the url of your website on which you want to add the extension.


In your left navigation bar, go to the "Licenses" tab.


After purchasing the extension, navigate to your customer page.


For this part, open your terminal and navigate to the root folder of your Magento installation.


Run the following command: "composer config repositories.compactcode composer"


Next, run: "composer require compactcode/custompricepercustomer".


Here, enter the username and password of your website found on the "Licenses" page.


Finally, choose whether or not to store your credentials.


You are now ready to get started with the Custom Price Per Customer extension!

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Custom Price Per Customer

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