Google Translate Product


With the Google Translate Product module you can easily translate all your product descriptions and short descriptions.


Do you have a lot of products to translate? No problem! This module has the ability to translate in bulk from the product grid.


  • Translate individual products or with a bulk action
  • Get CSV report afterwards so you know exactly what happened
  • Possible to adjust your translations afterwards
  • Saves the translations locally
  • Uses the Google Translate API

Note that this module requires a Google Account.

This module is sold with the CompactCode EULA license.

Magento® versions
2.2, 2.3

Translate all your products with just a few clicks


Mass translations

After linking your google API key, this module can instantly translate your products. It also allows you to translate multiple products at a time. Simply check all the products you want translated and select a store view. All that is left to do is choose a language you want to translate your products to and select if you want the short description, the full description or both translated and you're done.

Export errors to CSV

Once the translations are saved, you will see a table with all products that contain errors. Here, you can see the productId, SKU and error message of why the short description, full description or both did not get translated. If you want to download this error page, click the CSV file button and you will download the errors in a CSV file.

Plug & play

Translate from any store view

Export errors to CSV

Mass translation possible

Translate descriptions

Translate short descriptions


Part 1

Part 2



After purchasing the module, navigate to your customer page.


In your left navigation bar, go to the "Licences" tab.


On the "Licences" page, enter the url of your website on wich you want to add the module.


After doing this, click the "Add Licence" button on your website to enable the licence.


Click the licence you just purchased in the left bar under "Unassigned" to assign the licence and click "Add License(s)".


For this part, open your terminal and navigate to the root folder of your Magento© installation.


Run the following command: "composer config repositories.compactcode composer".


Next, run: "composer require compactcode/googletranslateproduct".


Here, enter the username and password of your website found on the "Licences" page.


Finally, choose wether or not to store your credentials.


You are now ready to get started with the Google Translate Product module!

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Google Translate Product

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