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The CompactCode: Login To See Price PRO Module gives you the ability to hide your product prices and images for users who are not logged in. You can even make a difference between your customer groups. It doesn’t stop there, replace the images with a placeholder and the price with a text or button and add a link to it. You can also hide the compare buttons, minicart, swatches, add-to-cart, wishlist header link, add-to-wishlist, and HTML classes. Last but not least you can redirect pages to your own URLs. Those redirects are applicable for the wishlist page, compare page, cart page and the checkout page.

This module is sold with the CompactCode EULA license.

Magento® versions
2.2, 2.3
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92% of 100


To login or to not see

Login to see price

When Login to See price is enabled, a user who is not logged in or does not belong to a certain customer group will not be able to see your product prices. When this is the case, you can display a custom message to encourage the user to log in or to create an account. Besides a custom message, you can also add a link to either the login/register page or to a url of your liking. 

Hide for customer groups

This module does not only work for users who are not logged in. You can also limit seeing the price or images to specific user groups. These can be set by just 2 simple clicks.

Login to see image

With Login to see image enabled, the user can no longer see your product images unless they are logged in or belong to a certain customer group. Just like with login to see price, you can display a custom message and add a link to either login/register or a url. 

Hide specific items

With Login to see price enabled, you're not limited to just hiding the price. You can hide multiple product related items like the compare page, the cart, the checkout page and the wishlist. After doing so, you also have the option to redirect the user would they surf directly to a hidden page. This can be a link to the login/register page or a url of your choise.


Specific limiting

Custom redirects

Hide wishlist

Hide compare

Hide cart

Hide checkout


Plug & play


After purchasing the module, navigate to your customer page.


Click the licence you just purchased in the left bar under "Unassigned" to assign the licence and click "Add License(s)".


After doing this, click the "Add Licence" button on your website to enable the licence.


On the "Licences" page, enter the url of your website on wich you want to add the module.


In your left navigation bar, go to the "Licences" tab.


Run the following command: "composer config repositories.compactcode composer https://satis.compactcode.eu/Package".


You are now ready to get started with the AgeVerification module!


Finally, choose wether or not to store your credentials.


Here, enter the username and password of your website found on the "Licences" page.


Next, run: "composer require compactcode/logintoseepricepro".


For this part, open your terminal and navigate to the root folder of your Magento© installation.

Part 1


Part 2

User Guide

  1. "Good quality, Good support, Thank You."
    Easy to use extension, I use it for a B2B website for one of my clients, prices are hidden until the customer creates an account and is assigned to a group of customers, very assistive and responsive support, Thank You.


  2. "B2B"
    As a B2B company this is what we needed. It is also so much more than just a price hider. We managed to hide everything we wanted unless you log in.


  3. "Best of his kind"
    A complete package for blocking product content for your concurrention and non-customers. For me the customer group restrictions are expexially handy.


  4. "Alot of functionality for the price"
    After installing and testing, I've noticed that this has a lot of functionality for such a cheap module. I love that you can not only hide the images and prices for not logged in users, but also the customer groups.


  5. "Easy install, but it's missing a feature.."
    I want to hide images for products in a certain category, but I don't think this is possible. This feature would be so helpful for me..


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