Store and Currency changer


The compactcode Store and Currency Changer module ensure that customers are redirected to the right store view and with the correct currency. The store language is based on their ip or on their browser language. It's your choise how you want to redirect the customers. The currency will be changed based on there ip.


This makes it easier for the customers and for the website host. You don't have to change the currency manually and the customer will be automatically redirected to the correct store view. For this module you need to have an api key of ipstack. Normally the currency module on IP stack is only for premium customers. Not with our module! This module comes for free using the CompactCode signup URL.


Deze module is sold under the CompactCode EULA License.

Magento® versions
2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Make your customers feel at home


Automatically redirect storeview

The Store and Currency Changer extention is made to redirect customers to the correct store view. You can choose how the redirects wil happen, the first options is based on the language and the second option is based on their ip address. We recommend to choose the browser settings first because ipstack calls are limited or paid.

Automatically change currency

Before we can enable this functionallity your ipstack account must be premium. If you have a premium account the currency will automatically change based on the location of the customer (ip address). If the currency of the country is configured on your website, the currency will change. When not, it will take the default currency of the storeview.

Enable or disable certain countries

2 redirect options


Region exceptions for custom redirection



After purchasing the module, navigate to your customer page.


In your left navigation bar, go to the "Licences" tab.


On the "Licences" page, enter the url of your website on wich you want to add the module.


After doing this, click the "Add Licence" button on your website to enable the licence.


Click the licence you just purchased in the left bar under "Unassigned" to assign the licence and click "Add License(s)".


For this part, open your terminal and navigate to the root folder of your Magento© installation.


Run the following command: "composer config repositories.compactcode composer".


Next, run: "composer require compactcode/storeandcurrencychanger".


Here, enter the username and password of your website found on the "Licences" page.


Finally, choose wether or not to store your credentials.


You are now ready to get started with the Store and Currency Changer module!


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Store and Currency changer

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