Migrate your Magento 1 webshop to Magento 2

Why choose Magento 2

Magento 2 is not only an upgrade, but a complete revolution of it's earlier version, full of new functionalities and with an improved service. Since the support for Magento 1 stops in June 2020, now is the right time to start your migration process and be one step ahead of your competition.

From June 2020, the support for Magento 1 stores stops completely. This means no more functionality or security updates. This gives hackers the ability to expose your webshops vulnerabilities and your webshop is no longer secure.

So spare yourself the trouble and migrate today, we’ll get you started for free.

Up to 50% faster than it's predecessor

Improved user experience

Perfected for mobile

Unlimited scalability

Introduction of One Step Checkout

Improved SEO management

Getting started with Magento 2

Free audit

Do not wait any longer. Let’s look at how we can migrate your Magento 1 webshop to Magento 2 together.

Brute force attacks to hack into your admin panel

Shoplift security leak: hackers can access your data with SQL injection

With XSS injection, malicious scripts can be executed to steal your data

Data leaks

Security is not the only issue with Magento 1. Developers are shifting their focus increasingly towards Magento 2 as well. That's why, very soon, they will no longer work on your Magento 1 extensions. There will be no more bug patches and no more support, leading to underperforming extensions that are open to threats like XSS injection (the injection of malicious scripts with the goal of stealing and modifying your data).

Magento 1 is an outdated technology and that means it’s a lot more vulnerable to security issues. Even though Magento currently releases updates for these issues, Magento 2 updates are always prioritized over its earlier versions. In June 2020 this support will stop entirely and your webshop will be left vulnerable to security breaches that won’t be solved.

What does the end of Magento 1 mean for my webshop

We encourage all Magento Commerce 1 customers to reach out to their Customer Success Managers or development partners to start their upgrade planning as soon as possible.

- Joe Ayyoub, Director of Support Operations, Magento

CompactCode consists of young, motivated developers with a mission. A mission to build optimal webshops with the lowest possible loading times. This is no different for migrations. We optimize your webshop as well as possible and transfer your entire database without data loss.

Functional analysis, action plan and cost estimation

What's missing, needs improvement and what must be preserved

Start of the migration process

Database transfer, new design and functionality is implemented

SEO, marketing check and relaunch

Optional: check your site for SEO optimization. New webshop is ready to launch!

How we handle your migration

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