Product Subscribe PRO


The Product Subscribe PRO makes it easy for you and your customers to subscribe to product prices and stock updates.


Your customers can also easily manage and see all their subscriptions from the customer account page!


  • Works with grouped and configurable products
  • Option to keep subscribed to the product
  • Subscribe to price changes ( up and/or down)
  • Subscribe when a product is back in stock
  • Manage which customers can subscribe with customer groups
  • And more!

This module is sold with the CompactCode EULA license.

Magento® versions
2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3


Subscribe on product or grouped product

When the user clicks on a product or grouped product, Product Subscribe Pro will render a subscribe button. Once clicked a modal will be rendered where the user can enter an email address and click wether he wishes to subscribe on product in stock, price up and price down (only when these settings are allowed in the backend). The user can also choose if he wants to receive a one time update or if he wishes to keep himself subscribed on this product. When set in the Magento backend, the user will get a mail once he subscribed on a product.

Only allow subscribe for certain customer groups

By default, the subscribe module is enabled for all users. We do however have the option to enable this for a list of customer groups that you select. Simply go to the Magento backend and click on enable customer groups. When this is done, control click (command click for Mac users) on the customer groups you want to enable the subscribe product feature for.

Allow subscribe on product in stock, price up and price

As mentioned above, you can specificly allow subscriptions on stock or price. In price, you can also choose wether to allow subscriptions on price up, price down or both. This could come in handy when you only want to alert users when the price goes down as a form of promotion or just to update them on a product comming back in stock.

Customize frontend modal for subscription

You can customize the modal that pops up when a user presses the subscription button. Here you can set the title of the modal and give it a description. Afterwards you can also set the notices for both stock and price when the user is already subscribed to this product. Finally, you can also add classes to your modal. This way you can add some custom styling to the modal.

Subscribe today for a better customer relationship

Limit subscribe to customer groups

Make customers aware of price changes

Keep customers up to date about your stock


Plug & play

Set custom email template for a new product subscription

Set custom email templates for each subscription type



After purchasing the module, navigate to your customer page.


In your left navigation bar, go to the "Licences" tab.


On the "Licences" page, enter the url of your website on wich you want to add the module.


After doing this, click the "Add Licence" button on your website to enable the licence.


Click the licence you just purchased in the left bar under "Unassigned" to assign the licence and click "Add License(s)".


For this part, open your terminal and navigate to the root folder of your Magento installation.


Run the following command: "composer config repositories.compactcode composer".


Next, run: "composer require compactcode/productsubscribepro".


Here, enter the username and password of your website found on the "Licences" page.


Finally, choose wether or not to store your credentials.


You are now ready to get started with the Product Subscribe Pro module!

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Product Subscribe PRO

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