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What does a Magento 2 e-commerce webshop have to offer?


Magento 2 comes with an optimized checkout procedure. When completing your check-out takes too many steps, the customers experience this as a trying task, increasing the chance that they get discouraged, change their mind and leave the shopping cart without completing the purchase. In other words: a good checkout provides more conversion.


In terms of security, Magento 2 takes the lead compared to other platforms. This is mainly thanks to it being an open-source system from Adobe that continuously gets improved. Magento 2 has a well secured core functionality. What’s important here is that the code that gets built on top of it is also written well.


Scalability is a common problem with many e-commerce platforms. Suddenly your shop starts to boom and there is a need for expansion. With Magento 2, we can easily scale your webshop with your success.

Google Shopping and other extensions

Thanks to Magento’s modular system, you have the possibility to connect your products directly to the Google Shopping platform. All you have to do is connect your Google Merchants account in your Magento 2 webshop and you are good to go. Another handy extension would be an integration for Amazon’s stores.

Effortlessly integrate third parties

Magento allows you to implement payment methods and logistic partners to your liking. A lot of payment systems and carries offer free extensions to connect their services to your e-commerce platform.


A Multi-Source system does exactly the opposite. You manage one webshop that offers products that are stocked in different locations or warehouses.


A Single-Source system allows you to connect multiple webshops with the same catalog, stock and location.This can come in handy when you want to let multiple webshops offer the same product (for example one that targets B2B and one that targets B2C).

Manage multiple webshops and inventories thanks to Multi-Source Inventory

Magento 2 comes with two types of inventory management: Single-Source and Multi-Source. This gets really interesting when your webshop is enjoying a growth, causing a need for expansion.

Easy catalog management

Magento 2’s efficient layout makes it easy to manage your catalog. With the improved admin panel, you can create and edit all your products in no time.

Magento 2 comes with a large list of nifty features to improve your webshop’s experience for you and you customers.

We listed some of the features that Magento 2 has to offer.

Features for an optimal experience for you and your customers

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Design adapted to your companies character

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A new design or update of your corporate identity

An improved design for all users

In addition to functionality, a good design is just as important. It makes users feel at home on your site, allowing them to faster convert into customers. A great design also increases the users trust towards your webshop. A bad or outdated design does exactly the opposite, it raises suspicion and makes users leave your site.

With an optimal loading time, comes an optimal hosting service. To accomplish this, CompactCode works with Combell. Thanks to their excellent hosting service your Magento 2 webshop can perform optimally and you have support day and night.

As with any website or e-commerce webshop, your page speed is of crucial importance. A well performing page gives users a positive feeling, making them stay on your site longer. This also gets rewarded by search engines. An optimized loading time increases your SEO score, making it easier to rank high on search engines.

Hosting and page speed optimization

Content optimization for SEO

Google Analytics to measure data and conversions

Google Tag Manager to measure user interaction

Google Ads to reach even more customers

Don’t have the required time for or experience with marketing, but still want to promote your e-commerce webshop? No worries! Next to developing and maintaining your webshop, we also offer a marketing service. Depending on your needs we can optimize your SEO, set up your Analytics and develop Google Ads campaigns.

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